From Fear to Love | Javascript’s Story

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As a developer, one should have trust in his/her code. Many developers working with Javascript has so many trust issues. Situations where nothing seems to work. Also when your functions don't do what you expect them to do. Where and when to use this?

Ever wonder why this not that? Just Kidding!!

What is Javascript?

JavaScript (JS) is a lightweight, interpreted, or just-in-time compiled programming language with first-class functions. In 2018 when I was a beginner in Web Development, I think it as a language with some unique features. It is easy to understand and good for you if you are a big fan of fast development.

Javascript can run on both the Client and Server side. No need to learn so many languages. :P

For a Web developer, understanding Javascript is a must. So now comes to how to overcome this(Lol…) fear for Javascript?

Finally, it’s time to overcome Fear!

Some common issues faced by Javascript developer.

Optional types - Accessing a property that doesn’t exist evaluates to undefined

Immutable - Data cannot be changed (might be thinking about const but that is not enough).

Sometimes you need this but won't work in some cases.

Also, so many libraries around, what to use, and any better optimize library which can replace it.

Trusting Javascript

Some things in JavaScript are just hard or impossible to attain but using TypeScript or Flow can simplify major issues. Learning to code with fear is not a solution. Start with the basic assumption that you can trust in your code, and learn new tricks to write more functional JavaScript.

Best Resources for Javascript to start with:

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Developer with 3 yrs of industrial experience in developing scalable web applications.

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Abhay Jain

Abhay Jain

Developer with 3 yrs of industrial experience in developing scalable web applications.

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