JavaScript Object and multiple ways to create it

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In JavaScript, objects are king.

What is Object?

In JavaScript, almost “everything” is an object.

  • Booleans can be objects (if defined with the new keyword)
  • Numbers can be objects (if defined with the new keyword)
  • Strings can be objects (if defined with the new keyword)
  • Dates are always objects
  • Maths are always objects
  • Regular expressions are always objects
  • Arrays are always objects
  • Functions are always objects
  • Objects are always objects

All JavaScript values, except primitives, are objects.

JavaScript defines 5 types of primitive data types:

  • string
  • number
  • boolean
  • null
  • undefined

Primitive values are immutable

Object Creation

1. Using the Object() constructor:

let obj = new Object();

This is the simplest way to create an empty object.

2. Using Object.create() method:

let obj = Object.create(null);

This method creates a new object extending the prototype object passed as a parameter.

3. Using the bracket’s syntactig sugar:

let obj = {};

This is equivalent to Object.create(null) method, using a null prototype as an argument.

4. Using a function constructor:

let ObjCreate = function(name) { = name
let obj = new ObjCreate("abhayjain13");

What the new operator does is call a function and setting this of function to a fresh new Object, and binding the prototype of that new Object to the function's prototype. As is:

function f {};

new f(a, b, c);

Would be equivalent to:

// Create a new instance using f's prototype.
let newInstance = Object.create(f.prototype)
let result;

// Call the function
result =, a, b, c),

// If the result is a non-null object, use it, otherwise use the new instance.
result && typeof result === 'object' ? result : newInstance

5. Using the function constructor + prototype:

function myObj(){}; = "abhayjain13";
let obj = new myObj();

6. Using ES6 class syntax:

class myObject  {
constructor(name) { = name;
let obj = new myObject("abhayjain13");

7. Singleton pattern:

let obj = new function(){ = "abhayjain13";



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